nfaktor represents an attitude and focus towards a single goal.
To help our clients grow. To grow by a factor of 'n', that is limited only by their vision.

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    We are a Business Advisory Company providing consultancy services in all areas that would help a company grow to the next level. Market growth and Business Acquisition is one of our key focus areas and we engage right from defining and creating a market to helping close a business deal. While being engaged, we provide consulting, content strategy including Design and Creation and advisory services to our customers' teams in Market Penetration, Defining and Streamlining Sales Processes, Helping Set-up Marketing and Sales Teams, Attracting Business through to Wining Deals.

    We respect the ethos and the culture that are intrinsic to our customers and morph our methods to suit their value systems and approach to market. While we run with our customers, helping them win in the market place, we add value to their success with being a ‘Behind the scenes company’.