We are a Boutique and we know what we do!!

We realize the value of focus and dedication and therefore engage with a limited number of companies at any given time. The companies that we work are SMB/SMEs, Startups and Groups/Units within Large Corporates. We bring in value in the following few areas.

Business Growth

  • Business Growth

    We engage with one of world’s largest IT infrastructure products and solutions provider in multiple engagements including sales enablement across APJ countries, Market awareness, Partner Engagement and Demand Generation though a diverse set of Content Strategies.

    Reach out to us for a discussion on how we can accompany you in your journey between your vision and your today !!

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

    For an organization, the attitude to market itself and its products/services creates the difference between the ‘wishful best’ (perceived best) and the ‘also good’. We bring in our experience, to work with you, to create the best possible market perception for your organization, your products and your services within the means and resources you choose to dedicate for Marketing. Drop a note to us and we will connect with you for a no obligation meeting.

Sales Consulting

  • Sales Consulting

    Acquiring new business is never easy. There is always a gap between what you expect and what really happens. We help create a world class sales force, and work with you right from defining roles of your field sales, to identifying prospects, building a pipeline, creating ‘unbeatable value propositions’ and through to sales closure.

    Talk to us and we will tell you how we can create a sales engine that will take you faster to the revenue goals you have set for yourself !!

Content Strategy and Design

  • Content strategy and Design

    Good Content, aligned with the strategic interest of the organization goes a long way in establishing the needed connect with the audience. The content strategy should be able to drive the audience to favoring a decision towards the company.

    At nfaktor we create content strategies and help design communications to suit the custom needs of the company’s target market. Connect with us and know more about how you can leverage content to meet your marketing goals.

Advisory & Custom Consulting

  • Advisory & Custom Consulting

    We offer short term advisory services in our core areas – sales and Marketing, Finance, Processes and Few Industry Domains. Our advisory services are based on the extensive exposure our teams have had in their areas of specialization.

    We invite you to talk to us for areas where you feel you could use another perspective, or your focus areas where you feel your organization can deliver better.

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